Friday, November 6, 2009

Firearm Control Card (fcc) What Do You Think Of This Illinois Gun Control Bill?

What do you think of this Illinois Gun control bill? - firearm control card (fcc)

This is confirmed by another friend of Obama, if you think we still do not try to disarm the entire country, I hope you wake up before it's too late. LLINOIS Bill Forces owners of firearms, for $ 1 million insurance

Legislation increases the costs of the law is Abiding

A bill in Illinois is another attack on the rights of law-abiding owners of firearms in the state, forcing them to $ 1 million liability insurance or risk on their own the right to keep arms fire.
Most people in Illinois, with few exceptions, must be an "owner will receive the recognition of firearms" legally owning a firearm. HB 687, sponsored by Rep. Kenneth Dunkin (D-Chicago), would require all persons to receive $ 1 million insurance. This policy covers all damages that may by the use of a firearm by a person instead.
The law also allows the Department of State Police to revoke the recognition and use of a weapon ownerwithout proof of liability insurance for the department.
Finally, HB 687 increases in law not only the cost of buying a firearm to endanger the language in the bill allowed the owner of the responsibility of the weapon is lost or stolen. The bill provides that a person stole a starter until the report of lost guns or the local police or sheriff's department. This means that a landlord would be liable if a gun is stolen or lost and used his findings before May.
"This law is terrible damage that the sports community in Illinois. Not only the bill, which is prohibitively expensive for many to own firearms costs, it also runs the risk of criminalizing innocent owners," said EA Alliance. UU. Sports as Senior Vice President Rick Story.


cfc9elc said...

God ... Have they not a copy of the Constitution of Illinois? So let's see, there are more people in Chicago were killed when U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and now want to punish legal gun owners. WOW! I wonder if all the criminals are in the ghetto on the south side of "gun safety" is now in a hurry. She can not even car insurance. GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!

Jack S is the land of Oz Yes, in Barackatopia seems reasonable that the police have weapons .... But here in the real world. There are many criminals who do not have to surrender their weapons because they can not afford insurance.

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