Monday, February 8, 2010

Pros And Cons To Sale Of Human Organs Should We Allow The Sale Of Human Organs?

Should we allow the sale of human organs? - pros and cons to sale of human organs

I make again a debate about the school. The theme is: "Should the sale of human organs?" All opinions. Advantages and disadvantages?


Square Pants said...

Now sold in India .. Kidneys Of course, only one of her kidneys ..


mr2tranc... said...

It is a kind of double-edged question.

On the one hand, I think, if they are ready, one of her body to sell her own risk, you should be able, as this is technically their property. The sale of organs would also help to increase the number of organs available for sick patients and may also be more people willing to help an institution to another when it comes to money. If the patient is already dead and his family, the sale of organs, it might help pay the hospital bills, funeral expenses, etc.

On the other side, so that the legal sale of organs, most likely, a higher rate of murder and theft of organs. Another problem was the question), the rich get first choice, while those who really need (which also has no money to be harder hit.

kendell3... said...

No, ... Contra .. What price must be a whole body? Is that the prices of the individual or family, if the person has died.?
People sell their bodies to the highest bidder, but as the person, it still needs more, it also means that people with less money, no way it would do better.
I could see people killing other people, just to get an organ for money .. Is there a standard created in which to do these jobs? The desperate people who are desperate things.

The advantages I see it .. More and more people want to arrange the donation of organs after death, when giving each institution at a fixed price, and the families and organizations to get the money ... But where is the money going to come?

aclrfp said...

Consider the issue from a different angle. Who would regulate and the prices? Was it a kind of E-type infirmary cause? It is the liver of a young person is worth more than the liver? Is the person coming into the game form? A person who was in good shape and has exercised every day seems to be higher than a person who had a couple of pounds of prizes. There will be no warranty or sold their organs "as is"?

You have to pay the rich to the poor. You know, there should be some form of state subsidies for people who are at or below the poverty line. It's bad enough with the rich to the poor when it comes to taxes. Do you really think the people in this country do not get angry and demand "that the poor have the right to live and then."

There are many cases in which someone tried on death row to donate his body in the medical field, but with our present form of implementation, are the organs unusable. If there were a way tor execute a person, and somehow you remove all the bodies good to have taken the money? If the deceased's family receives the money or go to the family was killed?

Here's another problem: Suppose you give a car accident and in the end is connected to machines and live as a vegetable or in a coma. His parents are required to stay alive and sell them. Who makes the decision pull the plug? His family, doctors or judges?

To answer your question, I would say no.

Octavia said...

I do not think it is good to sell the body, as if they need it. After a while, have, like when we get old and can cause problems if you can not survive, not all his organs.

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